The Whitney Museum moved from the New York's Upper East Side to the Meatpacking District. We created a campaign that brought American Art to life as if each piece was a new resident in the Meatpacking District.

Idea: American Art is now at home.



As a teaser, we personified the Whitney as an incoming neighbor.


[Print / Out of Home]

Like any new resident, American Art explored and hung out in their new neighborhood.




Like any new resident, American Art threw a party to introduce themselves, except this time it's a block party and they invited everyone.



[Digital / Social]

Like any new resident, American Art wanted to "meet new friends" in the area.

dating 001_v1_may 4.png


And the result? Your girl Michelle Obama showed up. Actually, we didn't have anything to do with this part, we did not invite her through the dating apps, she just showed up for the opening, bless her heart.