There's just something about Pringles that makes people want to play with this chip. Given this predisposition to play, Pringles is teaming up with XBox Live to create a new way to connect with consumers and remind them that you don't just eat Pringles.

Using existing augmented reality technology within Xbox Kinect, the console will scan any Pringles can and unlock a specific game catered to the Pringles' flavor. After unlocking a game, the can will double as the controller.

For instance, the Extreme Pringles will open a sword master game where players will fight in a dragon dungeon, using the can as a sword. And Multigrain Pringles will open a farming game where players race tractors through a series of corn mazes, using the can as the steering wheel. Pringles Light will link to a fitness game that requires players to balance the can in different yoga positions. Or even a special limited game for a limited edition Pringles in the future.


In the end, this idea is rewarding for everyone. Consumers get a unique product experience, and all the while Pringles is front and center.