Yes, yes. We're all familiar with the $%@^ing Brad spot. But that fool died in 2013. Starting in late 2016, we revamped the ubiquitous Liberty Mutual commercials featuring a new creative wrinkle allowing a little room for charm and wit...or at least perceived charm and wit. At the very least, they're less annoying than they have been since the start of the campaign. Expect these to air for the next 7,000 years.





[Online Skippable Pre-Roll] 

And in digital, we built on the familiarity of the world's favorite "shot on a fictional New York City island location" campaign with a little insight into the more unfortunate situations of real life.

This pre-roll campaign played with familiar YouTube overlays by scripting out worries that viewers could "skip" when opting not to watch the video. An animated arrow reinforced the new brand proposition that Liberty Mutual policyholders can Leave Worry Behind.