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Born in Hong Kong, raised in Toronto, and transplanted to The Empire State when I joined Grey New York. As an art director, I spent years working at Grey up and through their "Agency of the Year" era, and played a heavy part in their pitch efforts; contributing to wins such as: Gillette, Advil, Hasbro, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Papa John's, The Whitney Museum, Best Buy, and others. Years later, LinkedIn congratulated me for my fourth anniversary, and that was the calling to move on to something new. This brings us to today, at Havas, as an Associate Creative Director -  working on various accounts including Liberty Mutual Insurance, Reckitt Benckizer (KY, VIPoo, D-Con) and on new business - but really I'll work on anything if there's a creative opportunities - for good work, I'm willing to put in whatever it takes.

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Miami Ad School, circa 2008. "Breeze 50", her breaks never worked but she topped at a thrilling 40mph.